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Surfing School - Surfing - Finding A Partner

One of the most important things to have in learning to surf is someone to surf with. Aside from the obvious safety reasons - cuts your chances of being eaten by a shark in half :) - a partner will give you moral support, keep you stoked when you get frustrated, keep you from sleeping in when its good, talk you into paddling out when its big, and mostly be a friend.

There are two schools of thought here:

1. Find someone good to teach you to surf.
2. Find someone else who wants to learn and teach each other.

It is best to subscribe to the second approach. Probably because because when one person is better than the other someone is probably not having a very fun session. Don't get us wrong, we really enjoy teaching people. But if its cranking on the outside, either we're gonna be bored on the inside with the beginner, or he's gonna be in over his head on the outside. We have all been there.

Ken Strayhorn Jr. accurately adds:

Your friend you must choose carefully. He will become your brah, and over time will mean more than anyone else on this planet. Besides surfing, you will drink copious amounts of beer, smoke pounds of pot, and chase boxcar loads of women together. You will lend each other money when times are tight. You will never ask each other for gas cash. You will inform him when his ass crack is showing over his pants. If he doesn't like the woman you are seeing you will drop her like a hot rock. Conversely, if your new woman thinks your brah is a jerk, that's a sign that she's a bozo and should be avoided.

Boards and wetsuits will be shared. You will hoot for each other on fine days. You will badmouth anyone who drops in on him. People will come to view you as a team. Surf nazis will avoid you because they know that to fight one of you is to fight both of you.

And, years later when you are 40 years old and you and your brah are sitting on a break somewhere listening to the younger guys yacking it up, you will smile and know deep in your soul that there is nothing finer than surfing and the people you do it with.


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