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San Diego Surfing Home > Surfing School > Glassing - Final Sanding

Surfing School - Glassing - Final Sanding

Take the 80 grit sandpaper off the sander pad and fold it in half. Bend the paper slightly and began hand sanding all remaining shinny spots around the fin base first, then around all other flat areas on the board. When these are done, fold your cupped hand with the sandpaper over a rail, and with even strokes from one end to the other smooth each rail. Carefully examine the nose and tail areas before going to the next step to ensure there are no remaining shinny spots.

Next put a 120 grit disc on the sander and repeat the sanding process on the top, bottom, and fin area until they are very smooth. When completed, remove the disc fold in half, and finish hand sanding the rails. The final procedure is to dust off the board with a dry, clean cloth, or blow it clean using an air hose.

Once the board is cleaned, it must be placed in an area free from dust accumulation and where it will be dry until glossed. Do not let the board sit more than a couple of days and never handle a sanded board without first cleaning your hands with acetone. If the board sits more than a few days, it should be scrapped slightly with a single edge razor blade before glossing.


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